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We are experienced guides who pride ourselves in helping you achieve your goals; therefore, succeeding in your business as a whole.  Our staff’s experience and global expertise is second to none.  We have a reputation of dependability and can be trusted because we understand where you’ve been and where you’re headed.

Our clients have the utmost confidence in the integrity of our firm and for good reason... We always put the client first!  Until our clients rely on us, we truly haven't added value!

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  Our Management Consulting Services combine information technology and business leadership with market-savvy business strategy combined with project, operational, risk and industry knowledge to assist you overcome the barriers and challenges faced.   With our advisory services, we help you save time and money by scaling your IT staff to meet ever changing market demands - assisting in areas of business strategy, business architecture, benchmarking and governance.Our strategies not only address immediate needs, but future as well.   We have managed many in highly complex, large-scale Client projects over a 25 year span. We excel at navigating highly political environments, while understanding the due diligence required to successful manage delivery within budget and scope.  
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Today's business environments are more complex and competitive than ever before—it is harder than ever to achieve excellence in business performance. Gates, Branson, Buffet, Winfrey... They all have a Team. Don't go in alone.

  With our specialized understanding of the processes of the host country, we go to work through targeted execution – assisting in areas of strategy, market research and integration, profiling, market entry, business development, etc.   Pro-Ture™ professionals help our Clients achieve media exposure and gain instant trust for their busineses, by leveraging our strategic relationships with the major media outlets, e.g. ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, etc.  
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