Dashboard Development and Deployment is A Methodology for Success

All organizations are faced with change -- Whether its due to compliance, regulation, mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, internal or external trading partner interfaces, patient safety, client demands, technology, or direct or indirect competition. Pro-Ture Associates assist our Clients in successfully adapting to change.

We specialize in the investigation, analysis and design of business functions and operations We have extensive experience in the application of formal methods to all aspects of an enterprise - from strategic business planning and process redesign, through to the specification of complex database and distributed systems operation. Our world-renowned Associates bring expertise to the application of business intelligence and object-based technologies as well as engineering rigor to business analysis, business planning, and support system specification.

We develop and use dashboard models that describe the existing functionality of the enterprise. We use metrics of concern - such as cost, performance, quality and cycle time - to establish a baseline for current operations. These models and accompanying metrics describe the "as-is" state of the enterprise. With this understanding, "to-be" models are developed to describe alternative investment strategies - different ways of doing business. Applying the same metrics to the alternative processes, or process changes, will demonstrate the impact of such change.

An Interactive/Drill-Down Dashboard is a vital tool for monitoring the daily health of your organization. From a single interface, decision makers have access to key performance indicators (KPIs)—actionable information that can be used to actively guide business performance. An Interactive/Drill-Down Dashboard is like an executive intranet, a site where everything of interest to you is displayed in logical groupings. At a high level, it may seem relatively easy to build one.

Companies that have a good handle on which metrics and performance indicators are of strategic importance to the organization may feel collecting and summarizing supporting data and putting it in one place shouldn’t be that difficult. However, such oversimplification can lead to a failed project before it ever gets off the ground.

We take into account that people, process, and technology work together. To modify, move, or replace any one of these components without taking the others into consideration would have questionable results. We do not simply come in and model an enterprise and demonstrate plausible solutions. We provide structure and facility to help the membership of the enterprise describe themselves; to gain new perspectives on what and how they do business; and to use their institutional understanding, skill, and innovation to derive alternatives that:


Key Visualization Components:

  • Default Map Style

  • Map Control Options

  • Show Legend

  • Show Map Zoom Control

  • Show Position Control

  • Show Small Map

  • Show Map Style Selector

  • Dashboards and Scorecards

  • Dynamic Charts and Graphs

  • Visual Business Analytics

  • Pro Forma Budget Consoles

  • Business Presentations

  • Interactive What-If Analysis

  • Charts, Gauges and Dials

  • Alerts in Selector Components

  • Export to Office, PDF and HTML

  • Flash Format – Easy to Embed

  • Visual Representation

  • Metrics / KPI's / Ratios

  • Forecasting

  • Drill-down

  • Chart Components

  • Single Value Components

  • Selector Components

  • Map Components

  • Art and Background Components

  • Collaboration Components

  • Web Connectivity Components

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