Pro-Ture Practice and Solution Offerings

Pro-Ture has special focus areas to better satisfy and add value to our Customers. Pro-Ture has developed and structured our company in an expandable fashion to handle of all the important aspects of our Customers -- strategic direction and business planning/engineering; business continuity and contingency planning; financial management; mergers and acquisitions; emerging technologies; e-commerce; information and physical security; and outsourcing.


Pro-Ture Service Offerings Divisions:

We have three solution divisions that facilitates our entire service offerings:

  • Business Intelligence Services uses models that describe the existing functionality of the enterprise. We use metrics of concern – such as cost, performance, quality, cycle time, or any other factors that determine the success of the enterprise – to establish a baseline for current operations. These models and accompanying metrics describe the "as-is" state of the enterprise. With this understanding, "to-be" models are developed to describe alternative investment strategies – different ways of doing business. Applying the same metrics to the alternative processes, or process changes, will demonstrate the impact of such change.

  • Global Services is a combination of various technology, research and development, training, certifications and services groups, that are used individually, and in-group to satisfy Client needs. Key solution areas center around bringing a wealth of "hands-on" experience in the areas of infrastructure-related, networking and security – e.g. application development; reporting and analytics; infrastructure build-outs; data center migrations/relocations; emergency planning; network and security program development; system design and installation management; system auditing and process improvement; and much more.

  • Health Care Solutions  provides tailored, cost-effective consulting services to help you achieve maximum ROI and operational efficiency on your Healthcare solution investment, which minimizes patient safety and legal issues as well as maximizing traceability and reporting on HIPAA, SOX and other required compliance. We understand the inner-workings and interdependencies between healthcare systems, healthcare organizations, government and compliance agencies, and their clients. We can provide everything you need to run your practice so you can spend time seeing patients.

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